Last Month in DiEM25: August 2020

External Actions

This month:

Several DiEM25 National Collectives, including in France, Belgium, Germany, and Luxembourg, have worked towards a European Rent Action, preparing a set of EU-wide demands ‘Free low-income Europeans from rent burden’ during COVID-19. Coordinated demonstrations on the rent issue and its relevance during the COVID-19 crisis will take place in September.

DiEM25 Belgium sent a petition to ‘Bailout the Tenants!’ to La chambre des représentants (the chambre of representatives), which you can find and sign here.

Held the opening of the “We Are Millions” exhibition in multiple cities such as Leipzig and Frankfurt, which sheds light on the Julian Assange Case.

DiEM25’s newly formed Turkish PNC launched the second issue of their monthly review on Turkey’s social, economic, and cultural state of affairs.

In Greece, the political forces (Nea Dimokratia, KINAL, SYRIZA) that have bent a knee to the EU’s policies of debt-colonialism are investing in re-writing the past, to expunge themselves of any blame for the disastrous state of the country: the so-called Pissaridis Essay. MeRA25 meticulously analysed and deconstructed the latest report by the government, showing that the analysis is seriously flawed and is driven by propaganda rather than academic rigorousness. The summary of MeRA25’s conclusion can be found here, and the full critique of the report here (in Greek).

Bulgarians have been on the streets for more that a month, demanding their government to resign. Members of DiEM25’s Sofia1 DSC sat down with Nikolay Hadjigenov and Arman Babikyan from the “Poisoning Trio”, widely considered the initiators and coordinators of the anti-totalitarian and pro-democratic protests of 2020 in Bulgaria, for an exclusive interview on the Bulgarian protests.

Internal Actions

This month we:

The DiEM25 membership elected six new members of the Coordinating Collective! Welcome Fotini Bakadima, Jordi Ayala Roqueta, Julijana Zita, Patrizia Pozzo, Rosemary Bechler, and Beral Madra to the CC.

Built on our citizen engagement campaign that sets out to build national programmes in collaboration with Europeans for DiEM25! We have received the input from close to 600 DiEMers from across Europe which will be the foundation for the questionnaire we will use to inspire citizens to start building a new world with us. We are aiming to be ready to start organising meetings as of October!

Next Month in DiEM25: September!

The Progressive International (PI) announced its inaugural summit taking place 18-20 September! Since May, the PI’s coalition has grown to include unions, parties, and movements that represent millions of people around the world such as the National Alliance of People’s Movements in India, and the Congreso de los Pueblos in Colombia. This emergency summit will include a panel discussion between Yanis Varoufakis, Vijay Prashad, Ece Temelkuran, Nick Estes, and Lyn Ossome, and host speakers Noam Chomsky, Naomi Klein, amongst others. We hope you will join us! As you wait for the summit, you can also become a member and donate to support the PI’s efforts. Follow them on Twitter here!

We will continue developing our citizen engagement campaign in line with our working plan. If you have already registered to be a volunteer for the project to develop national programmes for DiEM25, get ready — we will contact you soon!

Join our Rent-volution campaign’s first wave of demonstrations!

Stay tuned and keep an eye on the announcements of the new series of Movement Coordination Calls! If you have joined DiEM25 in the last three months you can expect an invitation for the teleconference where we will get to know each other and the way DiEM25 operates.

If you wish to send a point to be included in the next newsletter, or want to help to draft it, please contact us at

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