Liz Truss vs Rishi Sunak: The illusion of change

As the United Kingdom prepares to find out who will become the new prime minister with great anticipation, the unfortunate reality is that neither candidate offers any palpable change

Following the long overdue departure of Boris Johnson from his position as UK prime minster, the nation, and much of the rest of the world, is eagerly anticipating the decision as to who will take over the role as the head of the Conservative Party and thus the government.

Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak are the last two remaining candidates and while identity politics has taken centre stage in the debate, with some hailing the possibility of either a female or a minority-background leader overseeing the country as a ‘victory’, in reality there is little to celebrate whoever is chosen.

When it comes down to what they represent, they really offer no palpable to change to the current status quo that has been governing the United Kingdom in recent decades.

Both candidates have no explicit interest in halting the war machine which is making a killing in Ukraine, both literally and figuratively, and it can be no surprise when top Tories are directly reaping the financial rewards in arms sales.As far as immigration goes, both have been promising hard-line policies that will crackdown on people seeking asylum in Britain while neither are strongly committing to any meaningful green policies in regards to energy, environment or jobs.

The two candidates instead will continue to serve both the oligarchy of the United Kingdom as well as the global technocrats of the World Economic Forum, of which they are both members, at the expense of the everyday citizen battling with the cost of living crisis that the Tory party is directly responsible for inflaming.

The change that is being proposed is illusory, and whoever is chosen will merely push the positions that serve the interests of the few over the many, as the last 12 years of Tory leadership have shown.

Unlike the theatre performed by the Conservative Party, DiEM25 is pushing for actual change in the UK in order to influence and implement meaningful policies and solutions on economic justice, social justice and bottom-up democracy. If those aims resonate with you, please join us.

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