MeRA25 condemns latest revelation of inhumane migrant pushbacks in the Aegean

Our political party in Greece and its Coalition for Rupture have released a statement about the latest criminal act towards migrants revealed by the New York Times

Another example of the criminal practice of migrant pushbacks has come to light, this time revealed by the New York Times – the same newspaper that revealed, just like our MP Kleon Grigoriadis, the transfer of Russian oil by Greek shipowners. Unlike Mr. Grigoriadis, of course, the newspaper was not sued by Giannis Alafouzos for this revelation.

The videos published by the newspaper clearly show people, including children, being transported from a van without any official markings to a Coast Guard vessel, and then to the Aegean Sea, where they are taken on board an inflatable raft, before being left stranded in the middle of the sea.

Of course, this practice is a violation of international law, Greek and European legislation, as well as of the human rights of the refugees and migrants who were victims of this murderous practice. The government’s insistence on the narrative that murderous pushbacks are a figment of our imagination convinces no one. Indeed, it is now becoming reminiscent of the Nazi regime who insisted that they were sending Jews to the Eastern Front for forced labour.

The flirtation with the racist and misanthropic far-right, which has been going on throughout the Mitsotakis government, and intensified during the election campaign, is one of the darkest pages in the history of the modern Greek state. Of course, it is a practice that also enjoys the approval of the European Union, which supports Frontex and the other national and European institutions that make up ‘Fortress Europe’.

MeRA25 does not accept the illegal, murderous and absolutely reprehensible practice of pushbacks, which tarnishes Greece and its people – a hospitable place that knows that the integration of diversity has always made Hellenism stronger.

The transfer of populations has been and remains a normal phenomenon of humanity, in which Europeans themselves have participated as much as any for centuries. As the environmental and geopolitical pressures intensify, we are obliged to insist on European and holistic management of the refugee and migration issue, by all the countries of Europe, and not to accept the selling out of our morality and humanity, as all the austerity governments of New Democracy-Syriza-PASOK have done so far, with the worst of course being the criminals of Mitsotakis Ltd.

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