MERA25 makes history in Bremen

History was made on Sunday, May 14 in Bremen as Europe’s first international left-wing political party – already in parliament in Greece – brought its radically progressive programme for the first time to voters in Germany.

Although MERA25 Germany, the German political party of DiEM25, did not succeed in electing a representative in the Bremen state election, the model of international solidarity it created is unprecedented.

Born as a project by a handful of local activists, the MERA25 campaign grew into an inspiring movement that transcended borders. Dozens of DiEM25 members, representing over 12 nationalities, were on the streets in Bremen in support of MERA25 during this campaign, united under the slogan ‘For the New Bremen Solidarity’.

Thousands more supported from afar, including DiEM25 co-founder and the leader of MERA25 in Greece, Yanis Varoufakis, who said: “Rising rents, energy bills, supermarket prices, wages that are not anywhere near keeping up with the cost of living price. The steady encroachments of privatisations. These are all things that we have in common. The very fact that we are running, as MERA25 in Greece and as MERA25 in Bremen, is one of the brightest points of light in a darkening European Union.”

“This election campaign proved that common people are ready to unite across borders in their demand for radical, progressive change. We will continue to build our party and the inspiring movement we created, and offer this radical change to people in Bremen, in Germany and beyond.”, said MERA25 Germany’s Jan Genin, a candidate standing in Sunday’s election.

Though a pivotal moment, this election marks only a beginning. MERA25 Germany will continue the work of building solidarity for common people in Bremen and elsewhere in the country – as will the other MERA25 political parties in Greece, in Italy, and DiEM25 everywhere in Europe.


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