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Activist account: A behind-the-scenes look into the Bremen campaign


A look into the strategy and effort that went into MERA25 Germany's historic and hard-fought Bremen campaign

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MERA25 makes history in Bremen


MERA25 brought its radically progressive programme for the first time to voters in Germany

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Together once again: Final days for the New Bremen Solidarity


Some major highlights of our campaign are coming up

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Activist account: MERA25 Bremen action weekend April 15-16



'Wolf', a former US Marine Data Analyst, went to Bremen on April 15-16 to support the campaign and meet the candidates. This is his report

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We have the support of Climate List Germany for the parliamentary elections in Bremen


Bit by bit MERA25 is gaining support and shaping up as the radical, progressive and green political force for Bremen

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It’s time: Your support for the new Bremen solidarity


With a programme for the many, we are campaigning for a progressive and just Bremen

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A day in Bremen: Prosperity for the many instead of wealth for the few


Activists from MERA25 and DiEM25 in Germany met for a day of workshops and an evening event in Bremen that was both militant and loving 

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Join MERA25 Germany in Bremen on July 23


We invite you to Bremen, Germany on July 23, for an event-filled day with stimulating exchanges of ideas, good music and various guests from ...

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