It’s time: Your support for the new Bremen solidarity

With a programme for the many, we are campaigning for a progressive and just Bremen

We’ve done it! MERA25 Bremen has collected over 500 signatures and fulfilled all the criteria to be able to stand in the Bremen parliamentary elections in May.

To reach as many people in Bremen as possible, we now need your support. We don’t have any sponsors or financiers behind us – we are financed exclusively by small individual donations to print posters and flyers for our election campaign.

True to our slogan – “For the new Bremen solidarity” – we need your solidarity now. Every small and large donation helps!

Donate here for posters for MERA25 in Bremen

Here is a preview of our first poster design, which we will use to decorate the streets of Bremen from 18 March.

Not convinced yet? We’ve summarised it all in a short video for you:

Thank you very much in advance for your generous support!

We will also need active support in the election campaign, so if you want to come to Bremen between now and May 14, we would be very happy.

Here you can find all information about MERA25 Bremen and how you can get involved.

Together for a new solidarity in Bremen!

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