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DiEM25 in the Netherlands statement on the provincial council and water authority elections


There is no MERA25 in the Netherlands yet, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a position regarding how the Provinces should be run

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It’s time: Your support for the new Bremen solidarity


With a programme for the many, we are campaigning for a progressive and just Bremen

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Swedish elections: Another circus with the usual attractions



It is the usual oligarchy of established politicians, rich families, think tanks and media that have the dominant say in Sweden

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Italy desperately needs a radical political alternative


We expect little from the coming elections, already feeling let down as the 'new' parliament will be composed of the same old faces

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Portugal elections: fight the oligarchy or nothing will change



A path that ends in a dead end can only create instability. That's the likely outcome of Portugal's election.

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Albania’s general election: between desperation and hope



Albania faces general elections on April 25. Will it be more business-as-usual or is there hope for an altenative?

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Stand as a candidate for one of our National Collectives


Apply before 24 January to stand as a candidate for one of our National Collectives in Belgium, the Netherlands, Portugal, Italy, Turkey or Spain.

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The Progressive International will send an observer delegation to Ecuador


We hope to witness the people of Ecuador exercise their rights freely and fairly, and to send a powerful signal in defence of democracy everywhere.

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Will the Biden administration commit to progressive changes?


The Democratic establishment in the US, with a solid record of supporting corporations over progressives, finds itself at a moment of reckoning.

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