We have the support of Climate List Germany for the parliamentary elections in Bremen

It’s official: Climate List Germany has announced its support for us in the Bremen election. Bit by bit MERA25 is gaining support and shaping up as the radical, progressive and green political force for Bremen. In line with our slogan “For the new Bremen solidarity”, with which we started our election campaign on 18 and 19 March.

“We are very pleased that the Klimaliste Deutschland supports the new Bremen Solidarity, because climate protection and social justice are inseparable. We are fighting for a radical and just climate policy in Bremen,” says Jan Genin, spokesperson for MERA25 Bremen.

MERA25 is campaigning for climate solidarity, because Bremen is located on the coast and only has a future if it consistently implements climate protection. We want to put the crucial infrastructure in the hands of the citizens, socialise the energy supply and introduce a public job guarantee so that citizens can immediately start to shape the necessary change themselves.

For us, climate solidarity also means an end to the debt dogma. In order to achieve climate goals and solidarity, public spending must be massively increased. MERA25 wants to make this possible by relying on a modern monetary policy. States do not have to earn money in order to spend it. On the contrary: states create the money they spend themselves. Bremen’s debt brake prevents important investments and aggravates inequality more and more. The most important step towards a modern monetary policy is therefore the abolition of the debt brake through a referendum.

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