Together once again: Final days for the New Bremen Solidarity

Some major highlights of our campaign are coming up

Six weeks of campaigning with MERA25 Bremen are behind us and we have achieved a lot with international support. We put up many posters, distributed countless flyers and stickers and carried out some radical actions in the city centre and in front of the party office of the Bremen Greens.

Many people are enthusiastic about the fresh wind in Bremen politics, our radical demands and the positive approach of our “New Bremen Solidarity” slogan. Now a big highlight of our campaign is coming up:

On May 2 from 19:30 we invite you to join us in an event with a live link to Yanis Varoufakis in Greece! After International Workers Day, we say: “International solidarity needs Bremen solidarity.”

But we are also saying: “Bremen solidarity needs international solidarity” and now it’s up to you! Follow the steps below to express your solidarity with us, if you can:

  1. Come to our event with Yanis Varoufakis on 2 May in Bremen. Click here to register!
  2. Join the many comrades from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany and travel to Bremen by 14 May to support the election campaign. Please let us know here if you are coming!
  3. We have no sponsors or financiers behind us and rely exclusively on small individual donations. We have already raised half of our target of 3,000 €. Help us here.
  4. What a campaign kick-off weekend it was in March! Watch it here in this video, spread the word and subscribe to our channel.
  5. We think we have the most beautiful posters in the Bremen area! Check them out here, spread the post and follow MERA25 Bremen on Facebook.
  6. We marked the waterline in 100 years without radical change at the Bremen parliament. Spread our post about it on Twitter here and follow our account.
  7. At the Green Party office we have made a mark. We want to make our contribution to international climate solidarity. Check out the action here on Instagram, share it with your friends and follow our account.
  8. With the support of DiEM25 campaign coordinator Dusan Pajovic, we have attracted a lot of attention. Check out what happened here on TikTok, spread the post and follow our account.

Now it’s time to get together for the New Bremen Solidarity! Join here:

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