Oppose the Health and Care Bill: join the NHS day of action on February 26

The NHS is under threat. The UK government is using the Health and Care Bill to push through major restructuring that would be damaging to patients at any time, but in the middle of a pandemic will be a disaster for healthcare services.

If this Bill is passed, everyone will be impacted – there will be more privatisation, more cuts, more cronyism. It will result in cuts to services and access to treatments.

The Health and Care Bill will make years of underfunding, understaffing and privatisation far worse. It will cut medical and emergency services, force more people to pay for their health care and let more private companies take over services and make decisions on budgets.

The Bill also caps adult social care costs at £86,000, which will hit the average household hard, while leaving the rich protected.

Time is running out. Unite and DiEM25 are holding a month of action on the NHS, targeting MPs in ‘red wall’ seats.

From Monday February 14 onwards, billboards, ad vans and bus stops will carry direct messages to voters in constituencies [see examples below] where their Tory MP voted for the Bill last year.

The advert campaign is a result of DiEM25 joining forces with Your NHS Needs You and Unite to highlight the impact the Health and Care Bill will have on our NHS.

The advert messages carry a picture of each MP and state: ‘Last year, your MP [name] voted for NHS privatisation. This year, tell him to vote against the toxic Health and Care Bill’.

We’re also holding an NHS day of action on February 26, with street stalls in the constituencies of target MPs to highlight the tsunami of attacks our health service is facing. Please join and help to get the message out about the impact of the Bill on local NHS services. A list of events will be published on their website soon.

We also need you to act now and write to your MP and to members of the House of Lords to demand they oppose the Bill. You can email your MP and the Lords using the Your NHS Needs You tool on the website.

Time is running out. We need you all to act now and write to your MP to demand they oppose this Bill. You can do this using our email action tool.

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