Our Campaign Accelerator programme is now open for applications

You can now join our Campaign Accelerator programme. The deadline to apply: November 1, by the end of the day! Just fill out the form!

Campaign Accelerator is our incubator for grassroots activism.

Here’s how it works: You tell us about a local issue that’s making you angry. If we select your issue, we’ll help you build a campaign to tackle it.

You execute the plan and remain in control of your campaign at all times.

Are you up to the challenge? Let’s do this! Click the link below to get started. The form will be open until November 1, by the end of the day.

Apply for Campaign Accelerator.

Are you up to the challenge?

Let’s do this! Let’s build a campaign together.

Still got questions? Check out a presentation of a winning Campaign Accelerator project.

Read more about Campaign Accelerator. Or send a message to ca@diem25.org !

PS That deadline again: November 1 🙂

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