Our new coordination team for Italy

Six months after the launch of MERA25 Italy, we were tasked with the renewal of the coordination team. This vote was based on voluntary candidacies that were proposed in the first months of the party’s foundation from the party base.

Only full members, who joined us before the vote was called, verified their identity and were not behind on membership fees, could vote on this. The total number of members that fit these criteria, excluding those without activity in over a year, was 5,721. The results were 96.35 percent in favour, and 3.65 percent against.

This new coordination team will remain in office until the established goal of 600 party members is reached, which will automatically trigger the first internal party congress. There is still a lot of work to be done, we are growing, and the bigger we get the greater the commitment required: the opportunity to propose oneself as an ex-officio member at any level and for any task remains open.

The candidates below participated in short interviews in order to ensure they were indeed well-informed and understand both the movement’s ideals, procedures, policies and political positions, as well as the requirements in terms of time and availability.

Here are the nine members who will form the new coordination team in Italy:

  • Andrea Serra
  • Edoardo Baradello
  • Edoardo Gentile
  • Electra Stamboulis
  • Federico Dolce
  • Patrizia Pozzo
  • Renato Votta
  • Silvia Iessi
  • Simona Aloisio


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