DiEM25 and MERA25 members and activists hold May 1 celebrations across Europe

To mark Labour Day on May 1, MERA25 members and its supporters took to the streets to celebrate the occasion, as well as to persist on the various pressing issues of the current moment.

Europe stands at a critical juncture ahead of the European Elections this June – in which MERA25 Germany, Greece and Italy will all be standing – and there was no better time to reiterate some of the matters that we are focused on changing and improving than on May 1.

In Athens, our members and supporters echoed their support for the Palestinian struggle, hailing recent Columbia University protests against the genocide in Gaza and urged for more universities to be “on the right side of history”.


Palestinian flags were always flying high in Berlin, Freiburg, Frankfurt and Cologne, showing their unequivocal support in the ongoing war with Israel, as our members partook in the various demonstrations across the country.




We need your support

The European Elections in June this year will be critical, which is why DiEM25 has collectively developed a pan-European strategy for the European elections in June 2024. This strategy is mainly centred on three key components.


A Non-Aligned Europe

We believe that lasting peace and prosperity can be achieved only by replacing all military blocs with an inclusive international security framework that de-escalates tensions, expands freedoms, fights poverty, halts exploitation, pursues social and environmental justice, and ends the domination of one country by another. We are for peace and against war.

Universal Living Income

We will strive for the implementation of a Universal Living Income in addition to national social security schemes. We envision it to be run through the European Central Bank, providing each European resident with a transactional account into which the funds will be deposited.

 A Green transition

We will fight for the introduction of a progressive tax on wealth. This Solidarity tax will be levied on individuals who own directly, or indirectly, net assets of €2 million or more, thereby leaving 99% of the European population exempt.

For a more detailed look at our policy narrative, take a look at it in full here. If our policies resonate with you, be sure to register your vote in these upcoming European Elections.



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