Petition: Keir Starmer, resign now!

Throughout Israel’s most recent bombardment of Gaza, numerous politicians have disgraced themselves by supporting the continuation of the atrocities, burying the crimes under the justification of ‘self-defence’.

Few have brought more shame to their name and the party they represent than UK Labour Party Keir Starmer, who has gone out of his way to downplay the attacks and, as such, we call on him to resign from his post.

His persistent failure to oppose war crimes, and delaying any call for a ceasefire in Gaza despite over 11,000 Palestinians being killed, including thousands of children, is unjustifiable.

Dozens of Labour councillors and shadow ministers have quit over Starmer’s position on Gaza and his apparent support for Israeli war crimes in a now infamous interview. However, we believe it is Starmer who must step down after working against – for more than five weeks – a ceasefire that would save countless lives.

Worse still, he has pressurised all Labour MPs to do the same, joining the Conservative government in facilitating what senior UN figures, Jewish civil society groups, Palestinian human rights organisations, and 800 scholars of international law are calling genocide.

A politician who refuses to actively oppose war crimes is not fit to lead the Labour Party.

Our petition below is exclusive to people residing in the United Kingdom. However, we still urge all of those who support this petition to actively share it on social media and raise awareness in the hope that as many people as possible can read it and sign it.

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