Preparing to flood the streets

DiEM25 is preparing to have more of an active presence on the streets through numerous campaigns and initiatives, but we need you to join our cause.

Yes, we have good policies. And yes, we have our MeRA25s. But no, DiEM25 is neither a think-tank, nor just another political party. Above all, we are a bold grassroots movement.

Therefore, we are looking to, as we usually do, put our money where our mouths are. Our organisation is going to be more and more present on the streets, in various actions such as civil disobedience, leafleting, pressure campaigns and many more ways in which we can challenge the oligarchy.

We can’t do this alone, however. We need your involvement. We want like-minded people to join us on the ground and to help us build this narrative accordingly.

Whether you are interested in getting involved by yourself, with your Local Collective on the ground or through brainstorming with our campaigning coordination team – there are multiple ways for you to participate.

As a first step, join DiEM25 if you’re not yet a member. Then, please fill out this short form to facilitate organising our teams and volunteers.

Also, join our monthly campaigning calls every fourth Wednesday of the month in order to learn more and get organized! Our next call will be on Wednesday, April 27 at 19:00 CET.

Do you want to be informed of DiEM25's actions? Sign up here

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