Internationalisme ou extinction

Du 18 au 20 septembre, l’Internationale Progressiste (IP) accueillera son sommet inaugural, réunissant des membres du monde entier pour affronter le dilemme central de notre époque: l’internationalisme ou l’extinction.

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“Free Assange!” protests are taking place every Monday in Brussels 

The 92nd protest in support of Julian Assange in Brussels took place on Monday 4 January and will continue until he is free!

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DiEM25 on Trumpism’s Washington rampage

Trumpism went on a rampage in Washington. DiEM25 condemns this show of neo-fascist force.

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 The first full year of MeRA25 in parliament!

MeRA25's members of parliament stood their ground in support of Greek democracy, economic sovereignty and social justice.

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Extradition denied, but the fight for Julian Assange’s freedom continues

They are not trying to extradite him, they are trying to kill him! DiEM25 demands the immediate release of Julian Assange.

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