Raise your voice against US aggression on Venezuela

We firmly oppose the threat of US military aggression against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. US military intervention has a long history in Latin and Central America, often supporting right-wing juntas and toppling democratically elected governments. There are only a few countries in both regions that have not been attacked by US forces during the past two centuries. This “tradition” of aggression has to be stopped.
We are also against sanctions and other forms of economic pressure being exerted by the US administration and its Western allies on Venezuela. These measures are causing untold suffering among Venezuelans. About 3.4 million Venezuelan refugees and migrants have left the country due to harsh economic conditions caused largely by the sanctions. Most of them are in refugee camps in the region, without basic amenities or supplies. Those remaining in Venezuela face an uncertain future. Ordinary people lack the bare necessities for decent living; many are starving and sick.
Hospital pediatric wings don’t even have basic medical supplies like syringes. These sanctions are taking the lives of children and the elderly alike. It is a scandal that the EU is participating in this crime against humanity. We stand strongly against any foreign intervention in the political life of Venezuela. Let the fate of Venezuela be decided by Venezuelans, in the spirit of the true, democratic process. Venezuela is a member of the Organisation of the United Nations (OUN), the only legitimate moderator of the political standoff between democratically elected President Maduro and the opposition. Democratic dialogue is the only way to solve this crisis.
But western governments have made this impossible by rooting instead for the self-proclaimed president of Venezuela, Juan Guaido (unrecognised by UN Secretary-general and a large part of the world), whose recognition as interim president is in breach of the Venezuelan constitution and international law. It is obvious that the potential US military intervention and sanctions and the support of Western democracies for Guaido are motivated by their interest in Venezuela’s vast oil and mineral resources.
As progressives and anti-imperialists, we condemn any attempt at military aggression and non-democratic action. Venezuela’s wealth belongs to its people, not to the USA or multinationals. We must prevent another war for oil that will cause nothing but misery and the loss of thousands of lives. DiEM25 must raise its voice in the name of democracy and fundamental human rights.
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