Selmayr’s appointment and the lack of transparency in the EU: just the tip of the iceberg

DiEM25 Communications
12/03/2018, Articles
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The European Parliament has decided to debate about Martin Selmayr’s appointment to the role of Secretary General of the European Commission today.

This episode is just the tip of the iceberg.

We have been denouncing the lack of transparency in the process of defining and implementing EU policies and careers for years.

This is why transparency is one of the pillars of DiEM25 political program.

We demand that the European Parliament not only discusses Martin Selmayr’s gate, but that it also sets up a specific parliamentary committee of enquiry on transparency.

We think that the next Commission and the next European Parliament and the governments of member states will have to make real and tangible efforts in order to improve transparency and citizens’ trust in European institutions.

DiEM25 will play its part.

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