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Ireland must not be subject to anti-democratic ‘corporate courts’ exploitation



Ireland needs to leave the ECT in full now and refuse to participate in any exploitative corporate court mechanisms contained in such ‘deals’.

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Nordstream sabotage: Fossil age over for good



Regardless of who blew it up - the Nordstream gas pipeline is history. Here is what must happen now to gain energy independence

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Yanis Varoufakis picks apart the corrupt European energy system


Political leaders across Europe want to divert attention away from their own role in the energy crisis by focusing solely on Russia

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E63: Europe’s electricity market: The scam of the century?


How much of this energy crisis is due to how our politicians have set up the market, and how much to corporate greed?

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Time to blow up electricity markets



With the end of cheap natural gas, retail consumers and businesses are paying the price for their governments’ embrace of a shoddy theory.

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DiEM25 members approve five new proposals


DiEM25 members from across Europe and beyond have had their say on a handful of important topics

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Gas is not green


The inclusion of gas in the EU sustainable investment taxonomy is incompatible with its own goal of net-zero emissions by 2050.

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The real answer to our sustainable energy needs


Whether wind, solar, gas or nuclear, incentivising private finance is not going to solve climate change.

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We must reimagine the relationship between individuals and community


Economic disaster in the last decade and the effects of COVID-19 make our need for economic democratisation greater than ever.

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