DiEM25 members approve five new proposals

DiEM25 members from across Europe and beyond have had their say on a handful of important topics

May 22 saw the conclusion of five DiEM25 member votes, on matters ranging from finance, to pharmaceutical patents as well as the energy sector.

Below we break down exactly what was voted on, and how our members felt on each topic.

(Greece) Fiscal Transactions System “DIMITRA”

With its aim of liberating the people of Greece from debt bondage within the Eurozone, MeRA25 is looking to legislate its 7+1 Policies agenda including the fiscal transactions system entitled “Dimitra”.

Although MeRA25 is not proposing an exit from the Eurozone and rejects the idea of a parallel currency, “Dimitra” is seen as a remedy against any kind of blackmail if the ECB were to shut down Greece’s banking system again, converting “Dimitra” into a fully-fledged Greek national currency.

Yes: 97.04%
No: 2.96%

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(Greece) The short-term government action plan of MeRA25

MeRA25 is working towards a broad Popular Front that challenges the oligarchy’s hold over the people of Greece, and outlined its 7+1 Policies in order to meet this aim, which covers matters from housing to renewable energy.

Yes: 96%
No: 4%

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Toward a New Non-Aligned Movement

In cooperation with the Progressive International, DiEM25 will push for the establishment of a robust, international, New Non-Aligned Movement with a view to turning the European Union from a NATO appendage to a Non-Aligned, Independent EU that works towards world peace in a world without military blocs.

Yes: 93.38%
No: 6.62%

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Gradual abolition of pharmaceutical patents across the European Union

DiEM25 will campaign in support of gradually abolishing patents that guarantee Big Pharma’s monopoly over crucial drugs, replacing them with Prizes that the EU offers.

Yes: 97.59%
No: 2.41%

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Socialised European Green Energy Union

This proposal aims at a pan-European de-commodification of electricity, the abolition of phoney auction markets across the EU and the establishment of a Socialised European Green Energy Union.

Yes: 98.48%
No: 1.52%

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