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Democracy and HDP are victims of Erdoğan with the EU as witness


In his latest attempts to ban the HDP party, Erdoğan has stripped HDP member of parliament Kocaeli Ömer Faruk Gergerlioğlu of his status as deputy.

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Gli europei dovrebbero abbassare la testa per la vergogna di quanto sta accadendo a Moria


di DiEM25 Communications | 09/09/2020   È stato inevitabile. L’incarcerazione sull’isola di Lesbos di dodicimila rifugiati nel campo di ...

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Policies of hate and intolerance must not be allowed to take centre-stage


Macron and Erdoğan, along with their contemporaries who prefer harsh words and confrontational actions, are paving a dangerous road for humanity.

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Europeans must hang our head in shame at what is happening in Moria


The incarceration on the island of Lesbos of twelve thousand refugees in the prison camp in Moria led to yet another tragedy.

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Joint Statement on the rising tensions between Greece and Turkey


The Aegean and the East Mediterranean should be a Sea of Peace, Cooperation, Shared Renewable Energy and green prosperity.

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Viktor Orban – Dittatura, Retroscena, Eurocrazia e l'Ipocrisia UE


Eurocrazia, Bilanciocrazia, o Democrazia? Retroscena sulla Dittatura di Viktor Orban e sull’Ipocrisia UE ORBAN – DITTATURA IN SENO ...

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