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France elections: Far-right threat thwarted in second round


France can breathe a sigh of relief as the far-right National Rally was defeated in the second round of the parliamentary elections

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French elections: One last chance to resist far-right after Le Pen wins first round


As DiEM25, we will not stop our resistance to the far-right that is gaining ground in France, and we still urge our members and supporters to ...

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DiEM25 backs the New Popular Front in French election


DiEM25 members have voted in favour of supporting the New Popular Front in the upcoming French elections. Here's why

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The two faces of the Euro



Of all European politicians who never led their countries, Jacques Delors and Wolfgang Schäuble had the greatest impact on Europe

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Are these the dying days of La Françafrique?



Widespread anti-France sentiment among the populations of Francophone Africa is the result of nearly 200 years of meddling in their affairs

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Niger’s coup d’état is not a coup but a realignment



The military coups taking place in West African countries cannot be summarised in a single story: they are a manifestation of subtle and ...

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Hands off Niger!


We call on progressive forces around the world to join the growing call for de-escalation, diplomacy, and peace

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E82: Grief and anger in France: liberty, equality and fraternity for whom?


Anger is palpable in France today, as the recent killing of a 17-year-old by police during a traffic stop ignited countrywide protests

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Views from France: Police shooting, subsequent riots and mending a divided society


Our members in France gave their views on the recent police shooting, the riots that followed, and proposals to bridge this societal discord

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