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Niger’s coup d’état is not a coup but a realignment



The military coups taking place in West African countries cannot be summarised in a single story: they are a manifestation of subtle and ...

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Hands off Niger!


We call on progressive forces around the world to join the growing call for de-escalation, diplomacy, and peace

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E82: Grief and anger in France: liberty, equality and fraternity for whom?


Anger is palpable in France today, as the recent killing of a 17-year-old by police during a traffic stop ignited countrywide protests

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Views from France: Police shooting, subsequent riots and mending a divided society


Our members in France gave their views on the recent police shooting, the riots that followed, and proposals to bridge this societal discord

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Our support and solidarity with people demonstrating on the streets in France


In a continent where the Right rules not with the approval of society, but through the quiet acceptance of violence, inequality and injustice as ...

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DiEM25 calls on members and friends in France to join nationwide mobilisation


DiEM25 calls upon members and friends in France to flood the streets of every town and city against the government’s authoritarian tactics

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What’s happening in France?


Macron has shown his contempt for the public, once again proving that we are living in a time of “democracy” without the “demos”

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Corruption? That’s insensitive. It’s called lobbying now



The Uber files remind us that the elite treats public office as an audition for corporate jobs

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E56: The Establishment and the far-right: Two sides of the same coin?


History is repeating itself, as Macron is facing off against Le Pen in the French presidential elections

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