DiEM25 backs the New Popular Front in French election

DiEM25 members have voted in favour of supporting the New Popular Front in the upcoming French elections, as it has been deemed the most suitable alliance to combat the growing far-right in the country.

Emmanuel Macron‘s abrupt decision to call legislative elections in France has been met with confusion about his intentions, but could still allow the far-right to take power in the country at this crucial time.

Meanwhile, Macron’s policy of maintaining the extreme centre has led to an increasing polarisation of French politics, along with growing discontent over worsening living conditions.

The New Popular Front

The New Popular Front has risen to the moment, uniting not only left-wing political parties but also a broad coalition of trade union and civil society groups to halt the march towards fascism in France.

Its electoral programme outlines policies to reverse Macron’s attack on the social safety net in the Republic and end privileges for billionaires. It also aims to address climate issues and the democratic deficit in the country.

It should be noted that while DiEM25 stands fully behind the New Popular Front for these elections, we maintain our own vision for how the left should move forward in France, and in Europe in general.

There are certain clear differences between their programme (here in French and in English) and DiEM25’s positions, especially on foreign policy.

But given the pressing nature of the upcoming elections, we believe that the NPF is the most suitable alliance to bring a halt to Marine Le Pen’s rhetoric and policies.



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