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Vincent Browne

The EU, its elites and its hyper fans had this coming


Vincent Browne says the European project was always about making the rich richer.

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Disorder under the heaven


The confusion that underlies the Brexit referendum is not limited to Europe: it is part of a much larger process of the crisis of “manufacturing ...

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The Day After


The European Union has sowed the wind. It may reap the whirlwind. Unless it moves, and quickly, not merely to assert a hollow “unity” but to ...

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The Right Left for Europe: In response to leftwing Brexiters, Grexiters etc.

The United Kingdom’s referendum on whether to leave the European Union created odd bedfellows – and some odder adversaries.

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DiEM25 Members about the Brexit vote


Walter Baier, Katja Kipping and other DiEM25 members comment on Brexit.

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On the results of the UK referendum

DiEM25 regrets that the British people chose to leave in the EU. But at the same time, DiEM25 welcomes the British people’s determination to ...

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Zizek’s & Varoufakis’ ‘Dear Britain’ letters, in DiEM25’s spirit


The Guardian asked a number of authors to write an intimate letter to Britain ("Dear Britain") explaining why they want her to stay in the EU. ...

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The radical case for the UK to stay in the EU – London DiEM25 event, 28th May 2016


The largest event presenting the radical, progressive case for Britain to stay in the EU. Speakers included Yanis Varoufakis, Caroline Lucas MP, ...

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John McDonnell and DiEM25 link-up for a democratic Europe

Labour’s Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer, John McDonnell has now added his unequivocal support for the principles advanced by DiEM25.

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