DiEM25 Members about the Brexit vote

Diether Dehm

diether dehm
The Brexit is the writing on the wall for the EU. The EU is on the brink. With the referendum result the EU reaped what she previously sowed, because more and more people are tired of this undemocratic, non-transparent EU, which is essentially determined by German-imperialistic interests. Their “No” was mainly a no to the prevailing conditions.
But does this vote necessarily lead to a peaceful and social Europe? Does a referendum automatically bring a ‘More’ of democratic motivation and participation?
Antagonistic powers are dealing with the result of this referendum as if they look into a crystal ball – and whoever has power on the media, places his interpretation. Again from up there. With imperious snobbism they assume those voters are stupid and that they should change their mind. And their best bet would be: to ‘allow’ a second vote soon. But not before a punitive example has been made. Especially against the main culprits: old working men, who are reputed to prevent the youths’ lives.
Elitist indoctrination as usual. Completed by imperialistic fetishism on youth, saying that peace movement and unions reek of old men’s sweat. We as Leftists should hold up on our demand for an extension of referenda. No matter if there outcomes are political correct. A referendum on TTIP would trigger a more distinct result than the look into the crystal ball, which is a toss-up for interpretations by medial powers.
We fight for a Europe that really belongs to the people: This land is your land! (Woody Guthrie) – and therefore we need a democratic re-start for the European Union!
We need a Constitutional Convention for a new debate on Europe and for an EU Constitution on which all European citizens will vote. An EU constitution in which the social state principle of all post and anti-fascistic constitutions of EU member states is implemented.
Against an EU of banks and concerns!

Walter Baier

Walter Baier
“We deplore the Leave outcome of the EU Referendum. The referendum itself came from pressure from the far right – driven by anti-immigration sentiment, fuelled by racism. Britain has decided to leave the EU but the British ruling class remains and will exacerbate its aggressive policy of austerity and demolishment of social protection and welfare systems. We believe in democracy and in the right of national self determination but neo-liberalism cannot be defeated in a single country only. The problems Britain faces result from the neo-liberal, deregulatory, anti-working class policies imposed by successive British governments, not from immigrants and refugees. These problems are European and international. They require solidarity and cooperation across national boundaries..”
“The message to Brussels is clear. The European Union will either be social or will be unusable. The EU will democratise itself or it will perish. In the light of the experience of two world wars, and still more that of today’s problems, the left can be nothing less than a protagonist of European integration. However, between today’s EU and a European integration on democratic and social foundations there is a political and institutional chasm. There are times when politics moves within the continuity of what exists and only allows of gradual changes. And there are times of breaks. It seems that we are now in just such a time. A break, not with the very idea of European Unity but with the authoritarian and technocratic way it is materialized.”

Katja Kipping

Katja Kipping
“Brexit? Now is the time for real democracy! The EU-bureaucrats and their neoliberal austerity politics lay the ground for EU-skepticism and an explosion of nationalism. Yes, Brexit does give hope to many people in Britain, especially to the poor and unemployed. It raises the hope for an end of everyday misery, badly paid jobs, deteriorating cities and rampant anxiety about the future. Many have had enough of the lies and angst ridden scenarios of the political class. “Out” also means out of this life, and towards the hoped for better one. A deceptive illusion – nationalism does not make life any better rather the poor poorer and makes refugees and immigrants scapegoats for everyday misery. That is the real political catastrophe for Europe, and a social disaster for Britain.”
“But there is also a chance within the crisis because Brexit now also irrevocably questions the status quo of the EU. It is a disruption that opens up to a historical chance to give back a voice to people all over Europe. We need a debate about a re-constituting process regarding the future of Europe; the European future should not be in the hands of national egos. We need a joint European wide reconciliation of all people in the EU. The question of democracy should not and cannot be handed over to the Right. Yes, we should decide about our future together: Do we want to live in an EU of elites and injustice, or do we chose a new European union of social guarantees and extensive civil rights and liberties? Europe is social, or it is not. There is no alternative.”

Vivienne Westwood


Others – Brexit Club

Special TV Show hosted by Julian Assange at Ecuadorian Embassy in London during the night of the Referendum with many notable guests such as Vivienne Westwood, Yanis Varoufakis, Srećko Horvat, Podemos, and many others:

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