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The Zapatistas journey through Europe is well underway!


After visiting Sweden, the Zapatistas will soon be heading to the Netherlands and Portugal where DiEM25 members will be welcoming them.

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More than 500 people gather in Vigo to welcome the Zapatistas



DiEM25 member Nikos Kolokotronis writes about the arrival of the Zapatistas in Europe on June 22, 2021: "Squad 421".

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DiEM25 welcomes the Zapatistas in Europe


We are excited to welcome the Zapatistas in Europe, and are looking forward to supporting them in their journey.

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Response from the Zapatistas to DiEM25


A reply from the Zapatistas to DiEM25 following our message of support welcoming them in Europe as they begin their tour.

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Sexual and gender based violence: Lessons from Chiapas, Mexico


The Gender 1 DSC highlights the Zapatista's use of self-organisation, mediation and restorative justice to address sexual and gender-based violence.

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We welcome the Zapatistas in Europe


We have read your DECLARATION... FOR LIFE with great inspiration, worry and joy, determined to do whatever is needed to support this call.

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