The European Spring’s continuing Open Call to Europe’s progressive forces

EUROPEAN SPRING was created to be a force of unity across Europe between progressives facing the historic duty to oppose, simultaneously, the regressive establishment and the xenophobic nationalists rising high due to the establishment’s failed, austerity policies.
EUROPEAN SPRING believes that for unity to be possible and effective, it must be centred on common actions and a common policy agenda that is credible, coherent and open to contributions from the many sources of excellent, progressive ideas. This is why EUROPEAN SPRING is working hard on a coherent, comprehensive New Deal for Europe.
To combine Openness, Unity and Coherence, EUROPEAN SPRING will move in the following ways over the next few weeks:

  1. Renew our Open Call at the European and national levels to the Greens, to the Left, to feminists and to all progressive forces linked to these blocks nationally, to forge a common paneuropean ticket on the basis of a common Policy Agenda and Manifesto
  2. As part of our renewed Open Call, the EUROPEAN SPRING will propose that the common Agenda will be put to the vote across all members of all participating movements, as well as independent citizens who wish to join in. In case of disagreements on specific aspects of the Agenda, all participating political forces accept that these disagreements will be resolved through this paneuropean vote
  3. The proposed open, primary process should proceed independently of which political forces decide to respond positively to the Open Call, be open to any member of any political party not necessarily participating in the EUROPEAN SPRING ticket and, indeed, to independent progressives.

The Council of EUROPEAN SPRING will pursue the above on the basis of our common understanding that:

  • All discussions with potential partners will be coordinated by the Council of the EUROPEAN SPRING, to promote greater coherence of our transnational list and help build-up the EUROPEAN SPRING’s political capital and exposure Europe-wide
  • Our candidates will compete with the EUROPEAN SPRING logo in every country, potentially with other partners’ names/logos as well
  • All candidates in the common EUROPEAN SPRING ticket will support the common agenda that the primary vote will have produced.

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