The results of DiEM25’s 2023 Coordinating Collective elections

Members from across Europe and beyond have had their say

The results of the 2023 Coordinating Collective (CC) elections have been counted and confirmed, with a total of six posts filled following the August vote.

The successful candidates embody our organisation and the most pressing matters that we aim to make an impact on, including migration, environmental issues, tech sovereignty, gender equality and much more.

Below, you can find out more about each of the six CC appointees chosen by DiEM25 members to guide our movement in the months ahead.

Yanis Varoufakis

“Europe is collapsing, as we predicted. The nation-state-based Left is irrelevant, as we predicted. The particulars of our Green New Deal (for Europe but also from beyond) no longer offer the best technical and political tools for helping the weak during and after the pandemic. The Progressive International is our only global hope.

“Time to change the world, not merely to interpret and re-interpret our whims or endlessly to tweak our procedures.”

Erik Edman

“I see this two-year mandate as being split into two parts: the first year focusing on the campaign for the European elections in June 2024, and the second year on the re-structuring and re-organising of the movement based on the results of said election, and with our eyes turned to the implications of our 2025 deadline.”

Ivana Nenadović

“Next year will be a year of campaigning and events. Moving towards the EU elections in June 2024, planning and organisation of the events and campaigning budgets will be crucial. Voting for me, you would approve of my work as DiEM25’s Finance and Events Coordinator and ensure its continuity in a new mandate.”

Nomazulu Thata

“I wish to actively engage with EU and African politics beginning as a member of CC first and foremost. My membership will find answers internally on how to position the EU Marshall Plan with Africa, reformulating it into a socialist outlook that is acceptable to African partners and organizations in Africa and in the diaspora.”

Maja Pelević

“First, I think I could contribute by giving ideas from the perspective of someone that works in Arts and Culture, and that is trying to promote values of social justice through activism in theatre, film and television.

“The other reason is that I myself benefited from being a part of this collective. In these two years I got chance to expand my horizons by communicating with people from all over the world and I was constantly in the process of exchanging experiences and ideas with them. This gave me the opportunity to think about spreading progressive ideas in my own country and community.”

Francesca Martinez

“As an activist, I have experience of bringing art and politics together – and enjoy using creativity to help spotlight vital issues.

“I am also keen to use my position on the CC to improve awareness around disability, human rights, the NHS and the need for degrowth.”

Background to the vote

Following DiEM25’s Organising Principles (OPs), six of the twelve seats in the movement’s CC were up for renewal this summer. Candidates could send their submissions from June 30 until July 24, and the voting period was between August 8 and 21.

Candidacies to the CC were open to all DiEMers who adhered to basic criteria like how long they have been a member of the movement, and how much time they could give to working on the CC, among others.

To ensure transparency and a genuine democratic process, voting was open to members that joined the movement before the elections were announced. Additionally, members’ accounts needed to be verified and active, for them to be able to vote.

As with all DiEM25’s internal democratic procedures, all transnational votes had equal value and were anonymised upon being cast. Furthermore, the results of the vote are in line with our OP’s gender-balance principles.

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