The risk of a NATO-led war is growing: We can stop them

The war hawks of Europe and the United States are now openly raising the prospect of a wider military conflict on the old continent, following the delivery of medium and long-range missiles to the Zelensky regime, aimed at Russia and its surrounding areas, which does not exclude the culmination of a military conflict with NATO member countries, even with tactical nuclear weapons.

At the same time, the horrific genocide of the Palestinian people with unspeakable crimes against humanity by the far-right Netanyahu regime is met with utter indifference from the EU and Washington, interspersed with meaningless rhetoric.

The recent joint statement by president Donald Tusk of Poland and Kyriakos Mitsotakis on the Polish-Greek initiative for an “iron dome” covering Eastern Europe against an alleged threat from the East, with the simultaneous militarisation of EU economies, compulsory conscription in countries such as Germany, compulsory integration of courses in schools of EU member states, related to the survival of civilians in war conflicts and even a nuclear winter, Emmanuel Macron‘s statements about sending troops to Ukraine and the rhetoric of war as a perfectly ‘normal development’, aim to prepare public opinion for an inevitable conflict.

The increasing impoverishment of more and more social strata, energy poverty, cultural decline, the housing crisis, labour exploitation and the spread of violence are accompanied by the “apolitical” treatment of a deep capitalist crisis, with the apotheosis of “lifestyle” by the oligarchs’ mainstream media. The rise of the neo-fascist, neo-Nazi far-right, functions as a reserve of imperialism and capitalist domination, as happened in the great economic crises of capitalism in the 1920s and 1930s, in the last century, with well-known results.

The united initiative of MERA25 | Subversive Ecological Left can be transformed into a wave of militant, united initiatives for the entire Left in Greece and Europe, which will bring a halt to wars, poverty and the rising fascism of our time.

The presence of MERA25 in the European Parliament can and must highlight peace, solidarity, the economic and social progress of societies, the protection of the planet from destruction, equality and equity as basic weapons of resistance and victory for those who are marginalised, because abstention and indifference strengthen the power of the oligarchs and their subordinates.

Participation, a militant perspective and a positive vote annoys and frightens them.

We can stop them!



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