DiEM25 prepares to compete in elections

These are the DiEMers who will lead our National Collectives in Belgium, Germany, Greece and Italy!

DiEM25 members across Europe just elected 48 grassroots activists to lead our movement’s first National Collectives (NCs) in Belgium, Germany, Italy and Greece.
Meet the women and men who have offered to roll up their sleeves to help coordinate our national efforts:


– Marie Naass, coordination with Brussels political sphere. Watch Marie’s presentation video.
– Jean-Philippe Steeger, Event Organisation. Watch Jean-Philippe’s presentation video.
– Davide Castro, Media Relations and Communication Strategy. Watch Davide’s presentation video.
– Naila Sebbahi, Social Media Coordination. Watch Naila’s presentation video.
– Diego Naranjo, Coordination with DiEM25 Europe. Watch Diego’s presentation video.
– Erik Edman, Internal Coordinator. Watch Erik’s presentation video.
– Rosita Allinckx, Fundraiser. Watch Rosita’s presentation video.
– Michèle Heyvaert, Administrator/Treasurer. Watch Michèle’s presentation video.
– Niels Wennekes, Membership & DSC Coordination. Watch Niel’s presentation video.
– Joren De Wachter, Policy Coordinator. Watch Joren’s presentation video.
– Guilherme Serodio and Franzis Wimmer, Private and Civil Partnership Coordinators. Watch their presentation video.
– Claire Delstanche, Belgian Political Partnership Coordinator. Watch Claire’s presentation video.


– Stefan Vardopoulos, Coordination and collaboration with Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein and Luxembourg. Watch Stefan’s presentation video.
– Alexander Nitschke, Social Media Coordination. Watch Alexander’s presentation video.
– Fabian Kors, Press Coordination. Watch Fabian’s presentation video.
– Robin Scheben, Writing of press articles and PR statements. Watch Robin’s presentation video.
– Dominik Schlett, Coordination of DSCs and internal NC-Coordination. Watch Dominik’s presentation video.
– Eric Caspar, Membership-Coordination and Network Improvement. Watch Eric’s presentation video.
– Susanne Helfrich-Vardopoulos, Networking between European National Collectives. Watch Susanne’s presentation video.
– Lorin Brenig, Conceptualisation of Events. Watch Lorin’s presentation video.
– K-nut Bänsch, Logistics for Event Organisation. Watch K-nut’s presentation video.
– Kasia and Elisa, Nationwide Cooperations and Partnerships with Experts and Organisations. Watch Kasia’s and Elisa’s presentation video.
– Luisa Barbas, Policy Coordination: Integration of policy work. Watch Luisa’s presentation video.
– Michael Fromm, Intelligence on European Policy and Politics Development. Watch Michael’s presentation video.


Communications: PR and social media
– Depi Vrettou. Watch Depi’s presentation video.
– Χrúsa Ariádni Kouselá. Watch Χrúsa’s presentation video.
– Kóstas Ntáskas. Watch Kóstas’ presentation video.
Members & DSCs:
– Danae Stratou. Watch Danae’s presentation video.
– Apostolos Gogakos. Watch Apostolos’ presentation video.
– Demetrios Skagias. Watch Demetrios’ presentation video.
Events & Administration:
– Mahi Traka. Watch Mahi’s presentation video.
– Jochen (Joachim Hermann Leopold) Schult. Watch Jochen’s presentation video.
– Thomas Achtaridis. Watch Thomas’ presentation video.
Issues of Politics:
– Yanis Varoufakis. Watch Yanis’ presentation video.
– Konstantina Katmada. Watch Konstantina’s presentation video.
– Fotini Bakadima. Watch Fotini’s presentation video.


Communication: press, public inquiries, website, creative communication, social media
– Patrizia Pozzo. Watch Patrizia’s presentation video.
– Gianluca Costantini. Watch Gianluca’s presentation video.
– Max Elia Schweigkofler. Watch Max’s presentation video.
Territory: organising members and activists, helping DSCs develop, expanding relations to additional partners and movements
– Anna Fava. Watch Anna’s presentation video.
– Simona Ferlini. Watch Simona’s presentation video.
– Emanuele Dolce. Watch Emanuele’s presentation video.
Choreography: organising events directly and helping DSCs organise events, artistic performances, and overseeing oranisational and logistical issues:
– Laura Pizzirani. Watch Laura’s presentation video.
– Renato Votta. Watch Renato’s presentation video.
– Stefano Bifulco. Watch Stefano’s presentation video.
Agenda: organising editorial work for the webstie; working on adapting DiEM’s European policyto Italy in cooperation wth NC, CC, and Advisors
– Francesca Maurri. Watch Francesca’s presentation video.
– Eleonora Vasques. Watch Eleonora’s presentation video.
– Tommaso Visone. Watch Tommaso’s presentation video.

To the dozens of candidates who did not make it to an NC this time around, we thank you all for participating and hope you’ll continue working with us. DiEM25 needs you and your commitment to make our movement better!

Candidacies to the NCs were open to all DiEMers who adhered to basic criteria like how long they have been a member of the movement, and how much time they could give to working on their NC, among others. Similarly, to ensure transparency and a genuine democratic process, voting was open to members that joined the movement before the elections were announced. Additionally, members’ accounts needed to be verified and active, for them to be able to vote. As with all DiEM25´s internal democratic procedures, all transnational votes had equal value and were anonymised upon being cast. Furthermore, our members voted as per our Organising Principles‘ gender-balance policy.


Visit DiEM25’s Members Area to view the NC elections’ full results.


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