We Are Millions

The Courage Foundation, supported by DiEM25, have launched #WeAreMillions, a massive photo campaign to demonstrate global support for WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange as he fights extradition to the United States, where he would face unprecedented prosecution.

Filmmakers Ken Loach and Oliver Stone, rapper M.I.A, economist Yanis Varoufakis, theatre director Angela Richter, philosopher Slavoj Žižek, and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Chris Hedges are among hundreds who have already taken a stand for Assange.
Along with digital social media promotion, #WeAreMillions (wearemillions.org) will be presented internationally as a public exhibition on all continents, in big cities and festivals around the world.
The project got early support from DiEM25 activists on the last day of our Academy event in Lisbon. Here the campaign’s first photos were made, garnering an impressive response.
In a time when many gave up on Julian, following almost a decade of character assassination and media bullying, DiEMers stayed strong in support.
We remember the beautiful words that DiEM’s Advisory Panel member Julian wrote from the Ecuadorian Embassy in London for the DiEM25 launch in Berlin:
“There was a dream of what Europe could be, and that is a dream that Europe has lost, and the lack of that dream is producing its fragmentation, it permits rogue states in Europe, states that compromise the genuine interests of the European people (…). That collapse in the dream of Europe is something that cannot be permitted, we must fight against it. Otherwise, winter is coming, war is coming, the end of Europe is coming, and either we must seize the day, and divert Europe from the course it is on… or else we will have to suffer through a very harsh night.”
About the concept
Journalists and whistleblowers are in jail or on trial, and their ability to hold governments accountable is at risk around the world. We are using an art platform to promote the right to know, to defend press freedom and to stand up for Julian Assange and WikiLeaks.
Our participative art piece and exhibition is based on three main pillars:

  1. We define a visual language that emphasizes individual portraits and their facial expressions while displaying cross-borders solidarity. As these photographs are collected world-wide and contributed with very diverse lights, colors and production quality, we decided to limit them to Black & White, to bring a visual unity of international solidarity.
  2. We display a diverse multitude. Ordinary persons and very prominent cultural, artistic and political figures are mixed together. We express a synergy of people, old and young, known and less known, standing against mighty and brutal power structures that for a decade are working to kill a courageous journalist in slow motion.
  3. We illuminate through action something that dominant media corporations have been trying to conceal over the years. By exhibiting this multitude of portraits in public space, our intention is to show the support of courageous individuals to the causes defended by Assange, beyond the attacks against his persona. We also demonstrate civil disobedience – the exhibitions are not always authorized – and a form of resistance to the dominant discourse. Courage is contagious. We want to spread it on the walls of our streets and beyond, to engage everyone to become part of the efforts of those who fight for truth.

As one song from Laibach says: “We are millions and millions are one.

Performance with Gitte Sætre on a second opening of the exhibition in Media City after being censored initially. See more

Setting up the first exhibition in Media City with DiEMers and SAK’en (Art Collective). See more photos

Recent reply from Julian to a supporter, from Belmarsh prison’s hospital where he has spent recent months with deteriorating health, as a result of psychological torture and several years of detention without serious care.
We need to act now, to stop extradition and to save Julian’s life.
Start messaging and calling your friends to join the #WeAreMillions campaign and display it in your town. Several DSCs are already organizing exhibitions. Partner with the local organizations for Human Rights and Freedom of Expression, Art Collectives and galleries.
Bring people to take a photo with a sign. Join here!
We are all Julian Assange. We are his family and last resort for help.
Thank you for taking this seriously.

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