Will DiEM25 compete in elections across the EU? Our members will decide this week.

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30/10/2017, Articles Uncategorized
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Wednesday, November 1 is the next step in our struggle to reclaim our institutions and transform EU democracy. Because that’s when our members will start voting on whether we will establish an ‘electoral wing’, which will enable us to compete in elections and bring our Progressive Agenda to ballots across Europe.

Here’s our Coordinating Collective (CC) member Erik Edman explaining the voting process and why it’s so vital to take DiEM25’s work to the next level:



Starting Wednesday and ending Tuesday, November 7 at 11.59PM, our members will choose one of three proposals on how our electoral wing should look:



Of course, members also have the option to vote against establishing an ‘electoral wing’ at all!

The CC believes that adding an electoral wing to our movement’s toolkit will strengthen our fight against the establishment. To learn more about why, check out our FAQ post and read about the collaborative process behind how the “Not Just Another Political Party” proposal came about.

But democracy starts at home, and this is a decision we must make together. Log into the Members Area on Wednesday to make your voice heard!


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