Yanis Varoufakis does a Twitter Q+A with @BerlinPolicy

Tue 09, 2016, Articles Uncategorized
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Here’s a short Twitter Q+A that took place yesterday between Yanis and the Berlin Policy Journal. They covered topics like debt slavery, EU democracy, Thatcher and motorbikes.


BPJ: Thanks for joining us Mr Varoufakis

YV: Thank you for the invitation.

You left office about a year ago – any regrets? #i140c #eurocrisis

None whatsoever. Once it was no longer possible to do good for Greece as minister, there was no reason to stay in office.

Your proudest moment as #Greece’s Minister of Finance?

When a poorly dressed boy pointed me out to another boy & said: “This is the guy that gave our mum a card to buy groceries!”

Since you left, #Greek #euro crisis no longer dominating Europe’s headlines – #coincidence?

My departure ended a rebellion against debt bondage/slavery. Slavery, does not create headlines. A slaves’ revolt does.

Describe your relationship with Wolfgang #Schäuble

An interesting relationship between fin ministers of a strong & a weak country who were equally powerless to do what was right.

Any takeaway from the #finger #boehmermann affair? #Varoufake

That satire is despised by despots and only appreciated deeply by humanists (even if it comes at a political cost to them).

You recently came out as an admirer of Margaret #Thatcher – care to elaborate? #oppositesattract

I admired something prescient once said by a political opponent. If we cannot do this, politics is inhuman.

You were once dubbed “Most interesting man in the world” by .@businessinsider – are you? #nofalsemodesty

If this is true, the world has become very boring.

You are critical of the #EU but pro-#European – how does that work?

In the same way that to be a good patriot you must often be scorchingly critical of your government.

Do you think there would have been a #Brexit if there had been no #austerity?


In 2015 you started democracy movement .@DiEM_25 in #Berlin. Do its aims fit into the current framework of the #EU?

DiEM25 believes that the EU is disintegrating. We must stabilize Europe’s economy first, before radically democratising the EU.

Any realistic hope to fulfill .@DiEM_25‘s demands?

Did the initiators of the anti-slavery movement think their demand was utopian? You bet they did! So what? They succeeded!

Describe a day in the life of #Varoufakis.

Writing, reading, debating and, at some point late in the day, chatting, watching, and listening with my partner-in-everything.

You’re a fan of #motorcycles. Favorite model and/or place to ride?

Yamaha XJR1300, coastal roads in northern and southern Attica, the Peloponnese plus wonderful B roads on Scotland’s West Coast.

Last question: What cause are you most passionate about today? #i140c

Democratising Europe (against the troika’s will) in order to prevent a return of the 1930s in some vicious post-modern form.

Thanks again for your time today!

You are welcome.


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