Yanis Varoufakis meets Michele Santoro on April 8 in Milan

Yanis Varoufakis meets Michele Santoro on April 8 in Milan, together with the European Elections candidates that MERA25 will put forward.

The event carries out the important function of strengthening the Pace, Terra, Dignità coalition, that MERA25 has formed to counter the belligerent cacophony, and bring attention to the social and economic injustices facing the citizens of the European Union. The coalition is currently collecting signatures to be able to run in the European Elections next June. 

After decades of swampland, stuck in an unbalanced equilibrium where capital and goods travel peacefully while citizens suffer under the pressure of a dismantling welfare state, a world of work in a disastrous state, rampant inequalities and an ever-worsening climate crisis, we now run the risk that the European Union will finally relaunch itself but will do so in a military manner in order to bury all the legitimate demands of citizens under a ‘state of war’ blanket.

If we want to fight for decent work, for a fight against poverty, for health care that works, a fair energy transition and a respected right to housing: in a war economy all these struggles go out the window!

If we want to defend the civil rights of equality, of free and fair information, and a respected right to protest, in a dominant war narrative all this is swept away!  

Event details

Monday, April 8, 19:00 CEST
YoRoom Coworking & Office (14 Via Pastrengo 20159 Milano)
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