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Fortress Europe fails humanity


People have lost their lives trying to get into Europe for decades. In June 2018 the migrant body count was 34,361 and rising.

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Welcome to the insane world of global trade


Two weeks ago it was #InsaneTrade Week, when we learned about the absurdity — and climate costs — of our global trading system.

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Skepticism and optimism for Algeria


Real solidarity from Europeans means criticism of the movements — to wish Algerians the same freedom from inspectorates, austerity, unjust trade ...

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Europe must put an end to unbridled arms trade


We call on European states to stop sales and exports of weapons to countries that could perpetrate genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes.

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The EU statement on non-military intervention in Venezuela still upholds intervention


Though a positive step, Mogherini's recent statement is simply insufficient when the EU plays a prominent role in endorsing the economic ...

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Raise your voice against US aggression on Venezuela


We firmly oppose the threat of US military aggression against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. US military intervention has a long history ...

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The song and dance about the UN migration pact


Our asylum system will forbid Europe from returning asylum-seekers to a country in which they would be in likely danger of persecution.

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The calamity of austerity in Greece


During the crisis twenty-five percent of the Greek economy vanished for good.

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US midterm elections: the fight continues!


In spite of fear, fake news and voter suppression, Americans proved that hope survives. Let’s keep this light burning!

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