Celebrating DiEM25’s eighth birthday in Berlin: Join us!

On February 9, we will gather at Café MadaMe in Berlin for discussions, networking and gathering direct help for the people of Gaza

On the day that marks the eighth birthday of DiEM25, February 9, we will be hosting an event that celebrates solidarity and real democracy, while at the same time gathering direct help for the people of Gaza and speaking about hope and alternatives in the current politics in Europe.

The event will take place in Berlin, the city where it all began for our organisation, specifically at Café MadaMe.

There will be drinks, snacks, the chance to network and grow the participating groups and, of course, to collect signatures for the European election campaign.

There will also be live Rebetico, Greek music from the early 20th century, followed by speeches from Lucas Febraro of DiEM25 and Karin de Rigo of MeRA25 Germany.

The more the merrier, so please feel free to bring friends and anyone else who you believe would be interested in our work.

Event details:

When: 09/02/2024, 18:30 – 22:00 CET

Where: Café MadaMe, Berlin, Germany

Join us: Register here.

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