E96: BANNED from Germany for speaking out for Palestine – with Yanis Varoufakis


The long repression of pro-Palestinian voices in Germany reached a peak last Friday.

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E95: What the hell is happening in Germany? The brutal attack on pro-Palestinian voices


As Israel’s genocide in Gaza rages on, Germany is leading efforts to silence criticism of Israel's actions

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E94: Russia vs NATO – is nuclear war on the horizon?


As the US is poised to deliver its largest military ‘aid’ package, and with EU nations ramping up their assistance ahead of European elections, ...

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E93: The war on truth: Julian Assange, media and global discourse


This week, we’ll have the final ruling on whether Julian Assange can be extradited to the US, to face a 175-year prison sentence for revealing ...

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E92: Farming fury: What’s really driving EU protests?


Establishment media have dismissed the protests as the grumblings of a coddled group, but others point out that far-right parties are co-opting ...

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E91: Israel in court – game changer or sideshow?


Could this court case really change the reality for the people of Gaza, or is it just a sideshow as Israel continues its murderous campaign?

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E90: Holiday Special


We’ll be predicting what lies ahead, and discussing the implications for anti-establishment activism. It’s not all serious though.

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E89: COP28 – A new path or same old mistakes?


Can Europe lead the way towards a sustainable future with climate justice? And, if so, how?

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E88: The new global disorder?


With these power shifts and global instability, how can we work towards peace? And what role should Europe play in this new global order?

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