E84: Silencing voices – the war on civil liberties


2023 has seen a depressing uptick in attacks on civil liberties in the name of political disagreement, from across the ideological spectrum

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E83: Africa and BRICS assert themselves. What should Europe do?


Could this wave of upheaval in Africa lead to an end to European exploitation? Or will it only result in despotism and corruption?

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E82: Grief and anger in France: liberty, equality and fraternity for whom?


Anger is palpable in France today, as the recent killing of a 17-year-old by police during a traffic stop ignited countrywide protests

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E81: Europe’s Mediterranean graveyard


This month saw one of the worst shipwrecks in Europe. Who should be held accountable? And what needs to change to prevent further tragedies?

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E80: Beyond bigotry – Why are transgender rights under attack?


Some of the counter debates on trans rights are a smokescreen for veiled bigotry. But are some of them justified and, if so, how do we address ...

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E79: What the hell happened to Green politics?


'Green politics' once had a radical meaning, and a vote for a Green party was a vote for climate justice. That has drastically changed

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Frontline E06: Should killing nature be a crime? An interview with JoJo Mehta


Could this be the missing piece in the broader battle against climate change? Is it workable? And what are the steps to get there?

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E78: Election update from Bremen


We checked in with the MeRA25 candidates and campaign teams. What is electoral campaigning like in 2023? What challenges have they faced?

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E77: Is Europe a vassal of the US?


Macron's comments about China have caused unease among many European leaders. Is Europe today “a vassal” of the US? And if we were to chart our ...

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