DiEM25 launches ‘Lavoro se’: A labour rights campaign in Italy

Our movement is looking to take back control of Italians’ labour rights with clear goals and a few simple steps

The pandemic and the war in Ukraine have taken us to a point of no return in which inequality and precariousness seem destined to increase in ever greater numbers across Europe. In Italy, a country in which this unstable mode is now normal, we must urgently address the most important of issues: work. 

DiEM25 in Italy is launching Lavoro se, a campaign to retake Italians’ labour rights via four concrete proposals:

Right to disconnect and reduction of working hours

We work too long and we are always reachable. We propose the reduction of working time to 36 hours and the right to disconnect, to have more free time for our needs.

Wage increase

After more than 30 years of austerity, wages must rise again. We propose that wage increases decided at contract renewals should be tax-free.

Universal Basic Income

We are no longer prepared to accept any job, under any conditions. Let’s try a basic income that allows us the freedom to choose.

Citizenship work

Everyone has the right to work, where they live. Let’s propose a major public plan to create “on the spot” work linked to the needs of communities.


If you live in Italy, support us by going to the campaign’s website and taking a few simple online actions and telling politicians: from now on, we only work if our salary is decent. We only work if our work respects the environment. We only work if trade union rights are respected in our workplace. And we only work if we have no other priorities related to our personal and family lives. 

From now on, we only work if we decide we want to!

Want to support us in person? Then join DiEMers and performers from the Constitutional Circus at Piazza della Rotonda in Rome on Thursday, April 28, at 12:00 CEST, where we will stage a flash mob to draw attention to our demands.

Carpe diem!

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