DiEM25 members in Turkey gather in Bolu to organise activities for the coming months

Members of DiEM25 in Turkey, the Turkish branch of DiEM25, came together in Bolu on September 18-19.

DiEM25’s meeting in Bolu brought our movement’s members together in a physical environment for the first time after the pandemic. We discused what activities to organise over the coming months, and also evaluated what we have done since the start.

We discussed issues like the climate crisis, migration, poverty and the destruction of democracy, from the local to the international perspective, issues which are all part of DiEM25’s agenda.

For the coming period, we will strengthen relations with the movement’s international structure and organise routine meetings.

Here’s a quick summary of what we decided:

  • To realise face-to-face meetings; restarting the monthly forums as of October
  • To work on the establishment of new local groups (DSCs), in 81 cities in Turkey.
  • To plan tasks and work-sharing
  • To carry out online activities with strong visual graphics
  • To determine goals in order of priority, and periodically update them
  • To thematically launch monthly newsletters
  • To hold a meeting bringing local group coordinators together (September)
  • To rework on the pending Manifesto for Turkey, Provisional National Collective formation (PNC) and social media activity
  • To organise a major meeting in Istanbul (November 13-14 or 20-21)

Live in Turkey and want to get involved? Set up our own local group or connect with existing ones.

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