Yearly Archives: 2022

We demand the resignation of EU foreign affairs chief Josep Borrell over his racist remarks about non-European countries


His remarks reveal the appallingly racist and colonial mindset that permeates even the highest levels of European political leadership

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DiEM25 to gather in Bologna to discuss radical change in Italy


DiEM25 is hosting an event in Bologna, Italy on October 15, to hold a space for activists and sympathisers of our cause

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DiEM25 announces the launch of its third political party in Europe: MERA25 in Italy


While the recent elections in Italy may have dampened the spirits of those on the left, there is no longer reason to despair.

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Iran Protests: The latest wave in the struggle for freedom



The mass discontent with the Iranian system that we are witnessing today can no longer be contained by the state

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Nordstream sabotage: Fossil age over for good



Regardless of who blew it up - the Nordstream gas pipeline is history. Here is what must happen now to gain energy independence

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Greece spyware scandal: When technology outpaces governance


The scandal proves why regulations must keep up with technological developments

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Yanis Varoufakis on Liz Truss’s tax breaks: This is a rookie mistake


Yanis Varoufakis has criticised Liz Truss’ latest gift to the upper class of tax cuts to the ultra-rich which caused the pound to nosedive

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Welsh hostility towards the Royal Family is with good reason



The Queen’s funeral was not met with much support from the locals in Wales, and the Royals's history with the country makes it no surprise

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Varoufakis: Meloni backs main EU and NATO establishment policies


Meloni may have campaigned on challenging the European institutions but, in reality, she is aligned with the EU and NATO establishment

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