Yearly Archives: 2022

Alexandra Koronaiou joins MeRA25 from SYRIZA


MeRA25 Greece has welcomed professor of Panteion University, and former Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, to the party

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The mania over Musk



Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter has divided opinion but is the uproar really justified given the long-standing issues of the platform?

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COP OFF! DiEM25’s Alternative Climate Conference to COP27


On November 19 and 20, we will bring together progressives from around the world to discuss what you didn’t hear at COP27

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DiEM25 launches its political party in Italy: MERA25


MERA25 Italy becomes our movement’s third national political party

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DiEM25 panel discusses UK political crisis: Time for a complete overhaul?


What can be expected from this latest government? Should there be early elections? And can the state of UK politics be repaired?

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Rishi Sunak: An avatar of the ruling financial elite


The Tories have successfully sabotaged, enraged or alienated every sector of society, including their base and look set to continue that trend

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DiEM25 has a plan for peace in Ukraine


Members approve our five-point proposal that aims to bring about a peaceful resolution to the war

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We will turn Black Friday into Make Amazon Pay Day


Unions, environmentalists and campaign groups pledge to turn Black Friday into Make Amazon Pay Day with strikes and protests against the ...

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DiEM25 Cyprus takes part in Internationalist Camping Event in Karpasia


DiEM25 Cyprus participated with other local and international progressive collectives in the Internationalist Camping Event in Karpasia

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