DiEM25 has a plan for peace in Ukraine

Members approve our five-point proposal that aims to bring about a peaceful resolution to the war

As the war in Ukraine rages on, we’ve not only been out on the streets demanding a stop to the bloodshed.

In the spirit of democracy, and of realistic – but radical – policies that guide DiEM25, we asked our members: what should be our proposal for peace in Ukraine?

Now, after much internal discussion and an all-member vote, we have an answer. Our five-point peace plan calls for:

  • An immediate ceasefire to be followed by a rapid withdrawal of Russian troops behind the 24-2-2022 border line
  • The creation of a fully demilitarised zone, 200km on each side of the 24-2-2022 border line, to be monitored by means jointly agreed
  • A mutual non-aggression protocol based on the recognition that Ukraine is a sovereign, militarily neutral country that allows no nuclear weapons on its territory
  • A governance structure for the Eastern and Southern areas of Ukraine based on the Northern Ireland Good Friday Agreement to ensure political equality between the Russian and Ukrainian speaking communities
  • All parties agree to refer outstanding disputes pre-existing the 24-02-2022 invasion to UN facilitated negotiations

DiEM25 has never backed away from addressing this complicated situation head-on. In May, we once again stated our commitment to constructive solutions to end this horrible war.

Now comes the hard part: movement-building and organising civil society across Europe to make this peace a reality. This position remains in line with the one that DiEM25 has had since the start of this conflict, with an immovable anti-war sentiment at its core.

To make this Peace Treaty possible, and to render it credible for the long term, DiEM25-MERA25 propose that it be debated and concluded at an International Summit, under UN auspices, involving as co-sponsors and co-signatories – besides Russia and Ukraine – the USA, the EU and China. Once it is concluded, all Western sanctions on Russia are to be lifted.

The only alternative to such a Treaty is the perpetuation of a murderous war which can have no final victors but which condemns millions, potentially billions, of people throughout the world to immiseration as well as to a faster route toward climate catastrophe.

Athens Declaration

The Athens Declaration in May 2022, which Jeremy Corbyn, Ece Temelkuran and Yanis Varoufakis signed on behalf of the Progressive International, DiEM25 and MeRA25, calls on democrats across the world to join forces in a New Non-Aligned Movement.

It reiterates our position that we view non-aligned, democratic and sovereign nations working together as the route to lasting peace and a world that can avert climate catastrophe and bequeath to the next generation a decent chance at creating the conditions for globally shared prosperity.

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