DiEM25 launches its political party in Italy: MERA25

MERA25 Italy becomes our movement’s third national political party

DiEM25’s Yanis Varoufakis was at the launch of our movement’s third national political party – MERA25 Italy – in Rome on November 12. The event at the Acquario Romano also featured MERA25 Italy spokesperson Federico Dolce, MERA25 Germany spokesperson Julijana Zita, and videos from supporters from around the world such as Slavoj Zizek, Brian Eno, Roger Waters and Caroline Lucas.

After the collapse of Mario Draghi’s unelected, technocratic government, the failure of traditional left-wing parties at the polls delivered the country’s most right-wing government since Mussolini. The signal sent by voters is clear: current mainstream “progressive” parties have failed to earn their trust, and the time to build an alternative is now.

“If we succeed, then we can sing ‘Bella ciao’ – not as a reminder of our permanent defeat, but as the symbol of a new radical left-wing movement in Italy,” said Varoufakis in his speech.

Federico Dolce said that MERA25 Italy is born “to give hope to Europe. We started in Greece, then expanded to Germany, now to Italy and tomorrow to the Netherlands. We are creating a solidarity network because, though it’s fought in different places, our battle is the same.”

Highlighting the grassroots spirit of MERA25s everywhere, Julijana Zita said: ““The goal a MERA25 member should have is not fame, power or money. It is nothing less than radical change for the better, for the oppressed, the struggling and unheard. That’s our job in Germany, in Greece – and now here in Italy too.”

MERA25 Italy will become DiEM25’s third party – all of which share the same name. The Varoufakis-led MERA25 Greece has been in parliament since 2019, and MERA25 Germany was founded in November 2021. Together, they aim to present DiEM25’s values and manifesto at the ballot box, such as social justice, open borders, a Green New Deal, a new Non-Aligned Movement.

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