DiEM25 announces the launch of its third political party in Europe: MERA25 in Italy

While the recent elections in Italy may have dampened the spirits of those on the left, there is no longer reason to despair.

DiEM25’s co-founder Yanis Varoufakis and spokesperson in Italy Federico Dolce announced yesterday, live on La7 TV Di Martedì, the founding of the pan-European movement’s third political party: MERA25 in Italy. The official launch will take place on November 12th, at 11h00 AM, at the Acquario Romano in Rome (Piazza Manfredo Fanti). As with all of the movement’s political parties, it will be called MERA25.

In less than a year, DiEM25 has started political parties in two of the countries at the heart of Europe: Italy and Germany. The latter was founded in November 2021 and is now preparing to launch its first election bid early next year. The first MeRA25 was founded in Greece in March 2018 and entered parliament in its first attempt in 2019, with 194,233 votes.

All MERA25 political parties abide by DiEM25’s manifesto and transnational policies, such as the Green New Deal for Europe, which are voted on by the movement’s more than 130,000 members across Europe – the first such political project in the continent.

Founded in 2016 by Varoufakis and Croatian philosopher Srecko Horvat, DiEM25 is building a radical, progressive political movement to democratise Europe across borders, with proposals and campaigns calling for more transparency and popular participation in EU decision making, defending human rights and the rights of refugees, drastic and immediate action on climate change, peace through diplomacy on security matters, and confronting the interests of Europe’s political Establishment and oligarchies. Its MERA25 parties will bring those proposals to each of its countries’ voters, in addition to programmes specific to the issues affecting common people in each of them.

Federico Dolce statement: 

“We are building a political party in Italy, but it isn’t the first one. DiEM25 already has political parties, also called MERA25, in Greece and in Germany because the socioeconomic situation of the precariat and the middle-class is extremely serious everywhere.”

Yanis Varoufakis statement: 

“Italy has been a key battleground for the soul of Europe and the struggle against fascism for more than a century. The recent election has made painfully clear the need for an Italian political party exuding the internationalism, radical europeanism and  progressive programmatic agenda of DiEM25. Carpe DiEM!”

Find more about MERA25: 

MERA25 Italy: https://mera25.it/

MERA25 Germany: https://www.mera25.de/

MERA25 Greece: https://www.mera25.gr/

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