DiEM25 to gather in Bologna to discuss radical change in Italy

DiEM25 is hosting an event in Bologna, Italy on October 15, to hold a space for activists and sympathisers of our cause in which ideas will be shared and discussed as to how to move forward in the face of our latest challenge.

With the election of an extreme right-wing government in Italy, it is time for a political alternative.

Despite efforts by various forces on the left, it is with deep regret to note that no project and no political force has been able to stand up to the rise of Giorgia Meloni’s government.

However, it is crucial that we acknowledge the reality of the situation, and react accordingly, before it is too late.

DiEM25 believes that, in Italy, as has already happened in Greece and Germany, and as is happening in a number of European states, it is necessary to start again with an innovative, transnational, and radical proposal.

November will see the launch of MERA25 Italy, DiEM25’s, political party. With this coming up, it is important to gather and discuss our organisation’s intentions.

This will take place in Bologna, on October 15, at 16:00 CEST local time at the M. Trigari ARCI club (Via Giovanni Bertini 9). The event will feature an activist meeting as well as a conference.

Event schedule

  • 16:00: Activist meeting – Erik Edman meets DiEM25 activists and sympathisers.
    18:00: Conference titled ‘Not for us, but for everyone’ looking ahead to the November 5 demonstration in Rome.
  • Speakers: Federico Dolce and Simona Aloisio (DiEM25), Giuseppe De Marzo (Rete dei Numeri Pari), Andrea Costa (Baobab experience).

DiEM25 is supported entirely by donations. If you do not have the possibility to participate in our initiatives, please consider supporting us financially. We will need the help of all to create our political alternative.

We look forward to seeing you all in Bologna.


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