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DiEM25 Electoral Wing

Taking DiEM25’s progressive agenda to the ballots: proponents make their case


Q&A with the authors of the four proposals on how our movement can establish an ‘electoral wing’.

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Will DiEM25 compete in elections across the EU? Our members will decide this week.


On November 1, DiEMers across Europe will be voting on the most important decision since our movement's launch: whether or not we'll establish ...

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European Parliament

The European Parliament is a democratic façade — it needs the right to initiate and pass legislation


A series of progressive EP resolutions are set to be killed by the European Council. This is a brutal reminder of the power balance in Brussels.

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The environmental disaster that doesn’t make headlines

The environmental disaster that doesn’t make headlines


While the world focuses on climate change, the EU is failing to address another critical environmental problem: the health of our seas.

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Real State of the Union

Highlights from our ‘Real State of the Union’ event


Here’s a video from our event in Brussels last month, when DiEMers from across Europe - and beyond - gathered to present a real progressive ...

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Misquote of the day

Euractiv just misrepresented Yanis’ position. Here’s how.


Reporter gets carried away by DiEM25's pan-European plans and offers a creative interpretation of Yanis’ words.

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Why do we need an electoral wing?


Our electoral wing, if members greenlight it, would allow us to take our fight with the Establishment to the next level – a historic, ...

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Greece and reforms: more déja-vu


The Greek economy is shrinking and is bound to extremely high primary surpluses and billions of debt to be repaid in the next years and decades.

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Live-Chat with Yanis Varoufakis

Catch Yanis' Facebook Live tonight!


Join Yanis Varoufakis' second Facebook Live videochat tonight! Do you have any questions for him?

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