Green New Deal gathers more than 1.4 million votes across Europe!

DiEM25 Communications
29/05/2019, Articles European Spring Program
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More than 1.4 million citizens backed our Green New Deal with their votes in the European Parliament elections.

While this wasn’t enough to elect candidates in the countries where we were contesting elections, it has set a historic precedent for a new, transformative way of doing politics!

This was achieved without the machinery that the establishment forces boast, powered by volunteers, and funded only with small donations.

We showed Europeans how a common agenda can be put together collaboratively by many political actors from all over Europe. How a common list of candidates, supporting this agenda, can emerge and how we can campaign across Europe, together, under the banner of this agenda.

In Greece, we brought hope back to a country left despondent by the Syriza government after their U-turn following the referendum result in 2015. Our party in Greece, MeRA25 — a political startup — is now firmly established as a force in Greek politics. Even if it missed the threshold to enter the European Parliament by just 0.01% of the vote (!).

And now with the Greek national election coming up on July 7, our activists will be back on the streets campaigning to bring our message of a progressive alternative to the failed policies of the establishment and those of the racist far-right. Stay tuned!

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