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MERA25 Greece calls for joint anti-war action by Greek Left parties


In the wake of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, MeRA25’s Central Committee has voted in favour of a peaceful resolution between all major powers

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MeRA25’s legislative proposal to protect citizens and end austerity


The oligarchy without borders cannot afford to let Greeks gain control over their own Public Sector.

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MeRA25 is charging ahead with the development of its political programme


Last week, MeRA25 members gathered to discuss a wide range of policy priorities in order to develop a diverse, coherent, and comprehensive ...

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We have white smoke!


DiEM25’s members overwhelmingly approved the name of our new Greek electoral wing – the political party with which DiEM25 will contest elections ...

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Our ‘Greek New Deal’ presented in Patra – Greece’s third-largest city


"Parties who are not willing to disobey the troika, cannot make any promises to the people and keep them."

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