MeRA25 Greece statement on the tragic train crash in Tempi

A tragic accident occurred in northern Greece on Wednesday morning, as two trains collided in the village of Tempi, leaving at least 36 people dead and many more injured.

Our thoughts today are with the families of the victims of the tragic train accident in Tempi. We hope that the rescue efforts will return the missing persons unharmed to their families and that the tragic toll will not continue.

Along with grief, however, there is also anger. Today, of course, the priority is to care for the injured and to put an end to the agony of hundreds of our fellow citizens who are waiting for news from Tempi.

From tomorrow, we will talk about the crime of privatisation, which is essentially the cause of this unspeakable tragedy, a crime which they are now trying to pin on certain workers, and all this at a time when the head of the train drivers’ union himself, like others, has already referred to the tragically dangerous situation of a network handed over to a bankrupt Italian company.

So we will not allow the targeting of workers, who are called upon to manage a devalued and obsolete network, with defective trains, managed by a bankrupt Italian company, which they have been denouncing for years.

The workers will not become the scapegoats of the criminal privatisation of the trains and those who allowed it.

We express our sincere condolences to the families of the victims and our solidarity with the efforts of those who are rescuing and treating them at this time.

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